derestriction a DIY-job?

Hi,I am a future Exige-owner from Germany and I will probably be able to fetch my car from the dealer early in february. I want to get rid of the resonator valve and the second air filter as soon as possible and I would like to do it myself but I am not sure whether it’s as easy as it sounds. Could one of you give me a detailed description of what to do? What kind of tools and bits do I need?Thanks very much in advance, I am already looking forward to many interesting discussions with you all in near future [image][/image]Nick

I wouldn’t recommend it, as it’s actuated by your wheel speed sensor (if I recall correctly), so it’s not as simple as it sounds.Get the dealer who’s supplying it, to de-restrict it before you get it.Alternatively, take it to a Lotus dealer in Germany (there’s a post elsewhere today about German dealers)