Dented roof - possible to push out?

A few weeks ago I struck a pigeon / seagull / some flying creature (delete at will) at high speed on the motorway. Three a.m., the only car for miles and it aims for me!. It bounced off the top of the windscreen with a very loud thud and ejected the contents of its guts all over the place (I sincerely hope it didn�t survive and had a very quick demise).I�ve just noticed that there is an indentation in the roof where it struck. The paintwork hasn�t been damaged but once it�s pointed out it is noticeable. Can this be pushed out or straightened? Is the Exige roof any different to the bodywork? I�ve never heard of anyone denting any part of an Exige or Elise so I�m quite puzzled. Any suggestions? (no, the pigeon didn�t have insurance before someone asks!)

Maybe one of those mobile guys - is it dentmaster ? can pull it with vacuum so you don’t damage the paint or have to strip the thing apart.Just how did you know he had no insurance [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by insane-dj:A few weeks ago I struck a pigeon / seagull / some flying creature (delete at will) Now you know why some people call the Exige a Batmobile [image][/image]These folks appear to be specialists in Lotus bodywork

Guess it didn’t have any cover the way it done the hit and run!merci

If you need a new roof, i have an unpainted one in the garage.

Thanks Phil, will keep that in mind. Nobody has noticed the dent as it is very shallow, hopefully it will come out!