Deleting Alarm

Hi Guy’s

Fresh from a full weekend of racing, all day Saturday and Sunday needed only fuel and my tire pressure guage for a change.

Unfortunately on the return trip, the wire came off the alternator, not a train smash we sorted it out but i am getting very annoyed that i have to disconnect the battery all the time or the alarm kills the battery, which leads to low voltage and i can’t rev the car out when the voltage is to low.

So would anybody who has done the alarm bridging stuff like to send me a PM of which wires to splice together, sure i could propably spend a few days figuring it out, but wouldn’t it feel good to help me out

Thanking you kindly.

Couldn’t you just try a quick release connection on the battery? (cheap too).


have one of those already and yes it does work, but the problem is like on Monday night i thought i had it disconnected and when i went to start the car yesterday morning it was dead.