Definitive Honda CV Spec

Right, so I need to fix my S2 outer N/S CV so thought I’d draw on the collective wisdom of the forum: So…

  • Who’s joints? Is this a case of OE or broke (litterally)?
  • Boots?
  • Grease? What’s the exact ‘Neo’ grease we need?
  • Breathers? Small steel straw trapped in the seal to the shaft?
  • Install gotcha’s?



  • I would be very surprised if yours isn’t a standard S2 CV joint…
  • Neo HPCC #1 grease is the stuff to use on the CV’s
  • I insert a small breather and then plastic cable tie the thin end of the boot (normal metal clip on the wide end of the boot)
  • I use GKN Tripode grease on the tripode joint

What Dave said …
Also check that the CV is not too tight or binding up - get an OEM joint of best quality.

$100 grease ordered and shipped to a Vegas hotel room, rock n’ fuckin’ roll

Baby oil would be far cheaper and way less messy for use in a Vegas hotel!

…Says the voice of experience… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :astonished:

OK back from the US with my uber spec grease, an empty wallet and a massive hangover

…which is nothing compared to the cost of two new outers, £450!!

As much as it’s tempting to just do the one that’s blown, really should do the pair otherwise I’ll kick myself if the other goes

So got the shaft out easily enough, bit of leverage here and there.

CV dropped off without me touching it, the boot inside was dry and filled with metal flakes, chunks of cage, and balls. Sadly it seems it’s also shafted the shaft:

So need to figure out what the Lotus Spline specs are (on a S2 Rover outer) and get a new one made up (this one is 397mm end to end)

I think the outers are Astra H diesel if that helps?

So got my new Lotus OE outer, and stripped down the whole assembly.

The tripod had three witness marks in the bottom of the cup, and looking at the shine on the races I’d say the joint is only really using the bottom half off the cup so I could and should get a slightly shorter shaft.

Handy enough, Dan websters shafts are a little shorter so might buy one from him.


Ok GKN motorsport tripod grease ordered, new Kaaz LSD fluid too, and boxed up the joints and old shaft to have a new one made.

Hopefully this one will be sold, although this is the first failure I’ve had

OK new shaft ordered up from DJM crafted from S155, also have two new Lotus Boots and also scored three (one as a spare) of the AMK TSB50 boots for the inner, they’re smaller so less chance of hitting things.

I believe Andy guided me at Motul Tech 300 as the best for the inner end. Neo stuff is apparently too thick to get right on to the rollers. It’s much cheaper.

Yeah I’m not using Neo on inners but instead the GKN Race stuff specifically for tripodes