Decibel meter

Just got my first Exige with the help of you guys.

I was wondering - with all the regulations and noise tests at UK circuits
becoming a problem with Exiges, does anyone know where I could purchase a db meter.
I want to ensure I don’t travel miles to find that my car is too noisy.
I’ve got a 190 with cat replacement and a supersport exhaust fitted and think I could be borderline.

Can anyone help?

Demon Thiefs?
Or like me, I use the one built in my Nokia 5100 cellphone.

I did a search on UK Google for noise meters (or something like that) and found a music site that sold a Radio Shack one for about 30 quid. Works well.

If you have no luck I’ll look for the receipt.


Try these Guys

Maplins sell them quite cheaply

4 in 1 meter (Noise, Light, temp) for �39.99

Maplins…sorted with free delivery too!!

This is mine (bottom one) -

Jonny at Bookatrack rents his out for about �10 + a few � postage IIRC

Got the Maplins meter delivered today
and it looks spot on.