Decatting NA Exige

I have a NA S2 Exige, 05 reg with a lotus stage 1 exhaust fitted. I am considering decatting the car…its my everyday runabout, and I am aware that i will get some extra noise/performance and fuel economy by decatting, and am aware that it will make the car somewhat illegal, and i will have to refit the cat come MOT time.

I am wondering though just how much of an improvement it makes to the car, I quite like the thought of popping and banging on over run etc like my bike does and dont mind changing it once per year for the MOT. I have looked on elise shop etc, and am slightly overwhelmed with the selection of decat pipes, some are obviously for the other engines etc, but which one to go for?



I did mine to try and reduce the drone of the exhaust, which unlike my old k-series it didnt, however it does make it noisier and pop/crackle manly on changing gear at high revs.
Ive got the tubular one and chip for the sensor to keep themanagement happy.

ah yes I was going to ask about the hidden costs etc…the chip…how much etc? Are there any other costs involved, there was me thinking it was just 50 odd quid for the pipe itself!

Need to inform insurance too .

The chips are on elise parts i think, only etc �20-30 ish.
The decat arnt the cheapest of things but I manged to get a s/h one


One on ebay just now with an Arquay single tip exhaust. If you just want the decat I may be interested in the back box. Just to see how noisy it really is

ebay link

Cheers, will have to review funds…and keep it quiet from the lady :slight_smile:

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You must be very good at keeping things quiet from the lady. Mine isn’t quite so understanding

Ha! Yes well, I had the Duc and the Ultima before she came along, so there can be no complaints about those! In the process fo buying a house, and since I got into trouble for picking up Pepsi instead of own brand the other day I think any extra expense will be severly frowned upon!!