Dealer Discounts

Im possibly looking to buy a nearly new Exige from a main dealer, as a general rule what should I be looking to get off the prrice, I understand it all depends on the deal the dealer is already offering but Im working on the basis that you rarely get a great deal from a main dealer as a start point, Maybe it can become a good deal once the haggle starts, what realistically should I be looking to pay.

The car is an 07 S with less than 1500 miles and is up for 34950, fitted with Touring pack.

i was very pleased with my discount last year:
web page

I managed 2.5k off the sticker price on my 6 month old S when I bought it

A exige boy has pointed out, if it was a winter offer car you should be up for some reasonable discount, I saved pretty much 10% over list.


�31K for a 07 spec 06 (Aug) S with sports pack/harness/AC with 2K miles from Main Dealer was my deal…I had planned to buy privately (with all the hassle that entails) which I reckon would have saved me around 1.5K…Dealer treated me really well though…no regrets.

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They seem some great deals 31 K for a similar car to what I have seen, I really doubt I would get that much off a 35,000 start price.

Parkers Guide states 33850 for a main dealer so at 35,000 its just over 1 k too high,

Today I took the Plunge, 3 Months Old ( 2007 ) , 1400 Miles , Ex Demo,Lazer Blue, Touring, Paint protection Film, Tracker,

Price � 32,000

Plus a track day at Lotus next month included in the price !

To be honest I am pretty happy with that deal considering some of the prices some private sellers are trying to get for their slightly older Exiges with more miles !

First time I have dealt with a main dealers as well, a very nice experience I thought !

What do you think ?