Dealer damage

Just got my tyres changed at the pricely sum of �25 per tyre for fitting. thought going to the dealer may be worth the extra cost. WRONG. picked car up and the rims are all scratched and paint gouged out. guess they were hoping i wouldnt notice. Thing is I ve got to decide do I accept a repair job or do i demand new wheels. I take every effort to keep them mark free and have managed 7000 miles without so much as a scratch so seems a bit dissapointing to have to accept a repair job for now.
Only just got my radiator repaired after they dropped somethng on it. and yet again left it for me to notice.

demand new ones mate!

If you demand new ones and shout and scream you will deffo get them repaired i reckon. I would shout and scream and demand new ones, but settle for the rims off a car in the showroom and tell them to put your repaired ones on the showroom car.

Yep scream and shout for new ones…but if they do end up repairing them they should still look like new. You should not be able to tell if they they have been repaired.

You have got to try for a new set.
What W*nkers!

Use a different dealer in future. If they dont admit to obvious errors/damage what on earth might they have done where you can’t see.

Complain in writing to the factory if you don’t get a satisfactory response.Good luck.


Apparently the colour on the wheels is very difficult to match, so get new ones if you can.

25 quid for tyre fitting…thats madness.

You should get fitment, valve and balance for free if you buy them from there, or under 10 if not.

What dealer was it, so no one else gets ripped by them?

are u going to say who did it to your wheels?


Shout and Ball, solicitors letter, name and shame


Shout and Ball

Are they a new dealer?

Lets just say if your buying a lotus in Scotland I would steer clear of Glasgow and venture to Edinburgh or beyond.
Sending them a letter. Even nore pissed off that they had a week to cure a banging sound and squeak, said they’d done it, but 100m out of the dealers was plainly still present. Think I will start to get my servicing done elsewhere though not till I get new wheels

why not agree to a repair if they throw in some upgrades

they said there was no way they could replace wheels. Said they will repair and guarentee that will be perfect. Said they can do it and I will have a look. They apologised again and are giving me �100 credit. So can only see how things go from here. The service managers are really decent chaps there just seems to be problems in the work area and a lack of care.

If the wheel will look perfect take the money…a new one is �250…but this way you get a perfect wheel a �100…

I thought the dealer in Glasgow and Ebing is the same company.

same dealer but Edinburgh is Lotus and Aston Martin rather than Lotus and Chrysler. From all accounts that I have heard the Edinburgh one is more in keeping with a prestige car dealer.
Glasgow are very good at getting your car in though, otherwise there would be no way I could have had it in over 15 times in months. Think I will get my tyres changed elsewhere in the future.