Dead Exige

Driving through Widnes this afternoon and the whole of the display lit up then all the display went out and the engine spluttered to a halt 2 mins laterAA there in 15 mins boosted the battery and the car started he said alternator not giving out any charge trailer to take me home arrived in 12 mins took me home to N Wales very careful loading and unloading incredible serviceI wonder will it be as good when it goes to Kings for a new alternatoranyone hear of similar situation? although my display has always had a strange pusle when the lights where on

Coincidentally, I have just been reading a lot of messages on the Elise Technical BBS about cooking alternators - could be the same thing. [This message has been edited by RussT (edited 01 April 2002).]

I thought that if the alternator was not putting out a charge then the red battery light would light up on the stack…Not sure about air-con cars but the ordinary ones have a length of aluminium ducting from the offside rear duct right to the alternator…

From memory, the std. alternator has always been a weak point on Elises/Exiges (among all the other weak points… is there a strong point ?)As Steve says, there’s ducting on the right hand side intake (as you face the engine bay) which is specifically to cool the alterator.Were you stuck in any traffic John (to reduce the cooling) ?

No I had been running steady for about 45 mins I had my 8 year old with me and taking it easy no trafic but I have had a problem with the electrics from day oneJohnC

JohnI seem to remember you having flickering lights at Anglesey last time we were there?Was this you or have I got you confused with someone else??Hope you get it sortedGiles