I’ve read that fitting a de-cat pipe doesn’t really do much to modern cars other than make them louder.

If I was to fit one to my S2 exige would it damage the stage 2 zorst or anything else and when u all say it’s louder, is it deeper or does it scream more and or crackle more???

Will the pipercross induction kit thats going on this week make much difference and what???

Thanks again…

hi tom,
i cannot help you with the de-cat,
but i have a s2 exige with a stage 2 and a pipercross and the pipercross makes the car sound amazing,
i can still do trackdays (under 100 db)
you will not believe the difference.

Tom, ive got a decat but am not fitting it till after cadwell but will gladley report on how I find it when fitted.

& i’ve got one for sale in the classifieds.

Although I dont have an exige yet, my experience with turbo cars and decats is that they allow the engine to rev more freely so you get to the red line much quicker. On the turbo cars they can mess up the fueling so a re-map is really required. I would have guessed that this would be similar for a NA car, but the effect may not be as pronounced.