de-cat pipe s2 exige

hi just found out about… They have brought out de-cat pipe that fits the s2 exige and say it makes a big difference to power!!! has anyone bought one?..if so what are your thoughts???

I’d heard they didn’t make much difference.

Do they mean with their exhaust?


this is a copy that was posted on norlog…
2. Lotus Exige S2, Larini �De-Cat� Pipe:

Delivers an extra 11 bhp approximately.
Delivers an extra 12 lb-ft of torque approximately.
Vastly freer flowing in comparison to the standard catalytic converter.
Pipework and bosses are fully ‘Satina’ Polished and ‘Lime Chalk’ waxed.
Mandrel bent pipe work allows a constant internal diameter, maintaining a smooth, constant gas flow.
Constructed using aircraft grade T.316 Austenitic Stainless Steel.
100% Tig welding construction.
Correctly positioned, heat-distortion resistant, CNC-machined stainless steel Lambda bosses and heat probe connections.
Precision engineered for accurate fit.
Requires no special procedures to fit.
The original heat shielding is retained.
Supported by the Larini Systems Lifetime Warranty.

The Exige S2 factory catalyst section incorporates a large divider internally running down the centre of its pipework. This is to regulate excessive back pressure levels for the restrictive OE exhaust. This arrangement saps power.

The Larini �De-Cat� Pipe is a high temperature resistant, hollow pipe, which replaces the highly restrictive OE catalytic converter. Exhaust flow is completely unobstructed through this ‘straight-through’ component and as result there is an extremely noticeable power gain. Temperatures are reduced too, as accelerated gas-flow minimizes engine-bay temperatures by dissipating heat more effectively. This is particularly important for improved performance, as cooler temperatures boost engine efficiency.

Furthermore, the muffling effect provided by the bulky stock cat is eliminated, subtly enhancing volume levels.


Zaust manufactures figures should be taken with a pinch of salt. Three things you should be aware of; it will make the car louder (not good for tight noise limits on track days) will bring up a warning on dash due to ECU readings and will have to take off for MOT.