Day out in Shropshire and Wales.

HiIf any one feels like a day out on Sunday 23rd Feb then please send me an Email. There are already three of us with Exiges meeting at the Cafe opposite the Little chef on the A442 between Bridgenorth and Kidderminster. We will then head off in to Wales as one of the guys knows a good place for Lunch there.Cheers Nev.

Nev,You have mail.Let me know time etc. ref Sunday. Would be nice to have 4 Exiges together for a Welsh blast.p.s. I know the Little Thief (Chef) you refer to.Phil GT

Think I might join you on this one chaps if thats ok!?!Now i have the old girl back I want to drive her all the time!JohnO

No Problem.We are meeting at 10 to 10.30 at the bikers Cafe as shown above. My mobile number is 077660 27795. Give me a call if you need directions. At present there is already four Exiges that will be there. Should be quite a site five Exiges in a row.See you there. Nev.

NevOut of interest, who are the other 2? Do they post on you guys have an “enjoyable” blat - watch out for Plod though [image][/image]

I’m in [image][/image] Make that 6 Exiges in a row. The wife and I will be there. We might even make it on time!

Good news, will be great to see you all. I only know one of the two and his name is Tony and he lives in Bewdley (Midlands)Met him at a pub in Shropshire and he arranged the meeting.The other guy is a freind of his.Sorry I can’t be any more help, but I am new to this site.Cheers Nev.See you on Sunday.

Guys… last minute change of plan [image][/image] Can’t make it today.The ‘Tony’ you mentioned is Tony Frankeiss… had an Exige…sold it for an S2 ,…then saw sense and bought another Exige!! (Good Man TonY)!!JohnO

quote:Originally posted by JohnO:Guys… last minute change of plan [image][/image] Can’t make it today.You should have come out with Russ & me yesterday - blat around Westmoreland, & lunch in Cartmell - perfick weather too [image][/image]

Seconded! [image][/image]

Sorry Pesky… It sounds as though you had a good day on Saturday.I was at Enstone airfield playing with Italian rubbish.