Data Logger

Maybe a bit big image …

Anyhow - its Anglesey from the LRV day and these were the laps when there were three of us running together - Evosal, RussT and me - just for interet really.

What I can see is no need to brake to 68 and then accelerate to a faster speed for school …


these things are always interesting Andy…

tell me… how do you conclude from the graph that you don’t need to slow for school??


Er …

Well the first bit of the graph is the lap marker, so you can see braking from 98 to 68 for school, then you see as I’m in the corner I accelerate to about 72 ish for the rest of the corner - so why brake to 68 if you then accelerate to 72

Anyhow - I only want to improve technique - I’m no racer … obviously

ahhh okay… sometimes i can’t work these kinda things out first time i look


Does your DL1 have accelerometers, and if so could you not look at the lateral G in school to see if there is more speed you can carry ??


Yeah it does - it uses the same software as the DL90 …

I saw 1.2g max at Zandvoort and Bedford but Anglesey was much lower about 0.6 max I think …

I got 1.2g throwing it in to the hairpin at Anglesey Andy.


OK Ian … I checked … here is the result :grin


Andy, does that read as -1.23 or -1.22, meaning you read the centre of the crosshair or the last points to the left?

Good stuff, I’ve been tempted for some time to get one.

Note the scale on the left: to be able to record a sudden stop at -7G! (I wonder what would that be, hmmm…)


Standard free software … but there is now an update for 100 quid where you can overlay video …

Yeah I zoomed in on the G-circle graph - there are many more points as you get to o,o of course and this shows +1.22 lateral ( turning left ) while off throttle slight negative acceleration.

Yeah -7g woul dbe good for internal organs

So this is a DL90? Or something else? They do look good! Again I’d be tempted…

( turning left )

Is there a high-g left at Anglesey? There’s a left at the top of radar, one after the hairpin (probably the highest g left) and then onto the start/finish. All on the throttle I’d have thought.

Or am I missing something?


Well, the turn zoomed in is shown in the right window.
I guess Andy meant turning right, or he was driving in the opposite direction…

Doh !

All this driving on the right is getting to me … in a RHD car.

I did of course mean right and as you can clearly see the point of measurement is in fact the right hand ( second bend ) of Radar …


This is the Race Technology DL1 datalogger that is a later version of the DL90 - meaning its more expensive but more accurate GPS wise - its also very small and easy to mount.

And it has a flash card or something, rather than the 20 minutes or so of memory I have !!


Yeah a compact flash card so you can have as much memory as you feel like paying for … but 128Mb would last you a day or two of usual track day time easy

The spooky thing is the accuracy, you can see each lap the line really clear when you zoom in

Thanks for the info,

I ordered the dl1 two nights ago and am so pleased that it is as good as i thought. I was hoping that i would be able to see where i would be able to carry more corner speed and which lines are faster. Seems great have ordered some pedal position sensors as well.


Let us know how you get on with the sensors I have a few linear pots I am going to use one day as well.

BTW - You really can see where you change gear and the software will tell you which gear you are in from analysing the data - I have really havent spent enough time setting it up and doing stuff with it yet …