Data Analysing

I’ve just been going through some data analysing graphs of Chris Randall’s (Randy) that car of his along with his driving is truly amazing, one of the laps at donnington along the back straight he is doing 172 mph


…post some of them then?

So you got it working then… feel free to call me a pussy for backing out the throttle down the craners .

I think you should put a passenger seat in it and take me for a drive, corner speeds are amazing, also saw you revved it to nearly 14.5k at 172mph I couldn’t work out if that was in 2nd or 3rd, next time round you got it to 171mph but revs were halved, do you think it was really revving to 14 or was there interference

The engine would have been no more if it had hit 14K. There is a load of interference on the rpm channel, we have fitted a filter but hasn’t improved things too much. We really need to re-route the wiring to the PI but thats PITA.

a job for the winter perhaps

The winter job is building the new Nissan

there’s another one

there are another 3!!!

there are another 3!!!

Can I have one, Can I have one!!!

How fast were you going down Craners Chris???


You can buy one if you like Sean - it will require another build thread though as they are in ‘kit’ form!


you really are a pussy Chris, look at that curve must have only been free wheeling down craners

You can buy one if you like Sean - it will require another build thread though as they are in ‘kit’ form!

Randy - dont leave us hanging…tell us more!

Jesus, 149mph, that must feel mental!!!

Kit form, cool man!!! You got any pictures?

You can buy one if you like Sean - it will require another build thread though as they are in ‘kit’ form!

clicky >

I thought that was going to be a picture of the ‘kits’ .

When does the Grp C season start next year?

This is Nissan 2:

This car has later nose and tunnels which should be less pitch sensitive (major problem with current car. It also has carbon/carbon brakes and is built lighter. We are moving to ball bearing turbos on this car combined with a more powerful ECU which can drive adjustable boost control (along with all sorts of [censored] like traction control). In theory it should be a good step forwards…

I don’t have any pics handy of Nissan 3 but it’s very much in component parts although we do have a complete engine for it now: The plan is to build this car before selling it on but if somebody wanted to buy it and put it together themselves I would be interested in offers (Sean, RussT!!).

This is Nissan 4: which has a 3.5ltr V12 engine. It’s lovely but very much a long term project. This is the very last car NPTI ever made and it never racing as intended - it’s a work of art.

Maddog - you jest but I maintain thats it’s possible to do craners flat… not sure how you would get round the old hairpin though, if you follow what the speed trace would be without feathering the throttle it’s fairly scarey . Need to work on my bravery levels!

Mark - looks like the season will kick of in Monza 13/14 May

WOW that MOMO car looks awesome. Chris 149 down Craners with your ass 2" off the floor takes bottle, especially if you manage to make it round old hairpin as well!!!

So what is something like that worth matey? I would love to do a project like that. Would be well cool!!!

I don’t think my bank balance would handle it though. lol.