Dashboard on uk sold Exige S2

The dashboard on uk sold Exige S2 is it graded both mph and km/h? Or mph only? I just sold my Exige S1 (Yes I am stupid… and I regret it… ) and I’m looking for a Exige S2 now. There are 0 Exiges S2 sold here in Sweden and a couple sold in Germany but the price is about �7000 more than in the uk.

I need to know if I have to change anything in the dashboard to be able to registrate the car in Sweden.
Does anyone have a picture of theirs dashboard? Here is mine what does yours look like?

[image]PlatinumCars - The Collection

my dashboard on my s2 has both mph and km/h. hope that helps.

Can you see on this?? My monitor in work is too dark…


Click on the picture for a full screen pic, I think it does have kph…

Yep, just saved and brightened the pic, it does, albiet quite small…

Thanks guys!