Dashboard Engine Light?????


After a short blast in the Exige on the way home last night my engine light came on. I had been sitting on the motorway at about 85 for 20 miles with no problems. I pulled off of the motorway and gave the car a good blat for about a mile or so when the engine light came on on the dash. It came on when I reached about 7500rpm in 4th gear. I only had 3 - 4 miles to go to get home so I took it easy the rest of the way. The car didnt do anything different, no juddering, no loss of power, no over heating… nothing.

I have had a hurricane induction kit fitted recently and it does vibrate alot at high revs. Could this have rattled something loose. Ive also developed a loud rattle from behind the instrument panel which is a constant niggle. Could this have knocked something?

I havent driven the car today for obvious reasons. Any ideas?

AFAIK the engine light is especially tied to exhaust emission. Do you have anything other than the standard cat? I had mine come on after 5000 miles with a sports-cat.

I’d call your Lotus dealer. They can read the ECU and check what the error code is.

No just the induction kit. I have spoken to Lotus and they have said its probably a fault code related to the induction kit. Ill pop it in asap for them to clear it.

Its a fault code caused by your induction kit. Some cars seem more sensitve than others - I’ve got a Pipercross VIS and a Stage II exhaust which haven’t been a problem where as I know of other cars with the same set up have had issues with the MIL light coming on.

if the light is constant, its fine - get it checked but it will probably extinguish before you can (error code logged). There is some logic which I think may be if 5 starts without fault reoccuring, light will extinguish.

If light is flashing, switch off, panic, call Lotus = big problem

Spoke to Lotus and they said pretty much the same thing. Thanks. Panic over.

if you have AA cover call them out… they can plug in and tell you what the fault code is and reset it if its nothing to worry about