Dash out?

I am experiencing a very irritating noise from the inards of my dash. As I am driving along I can here noises which sound like relays clicking in/out as if there is a loose connection somewhere, the noise is only there when I am driving along, when I stop the noise stops.
I was having a play with the heater controls (Unfortunately I do have the dreaded con air!!) and it seems to be the same noise whilst changing air flow direction. I am now thinking that it is either a loose electrical connection or the divert flaps moving all over the place. Am I correct in thinking that the Con Air equipped cars have electrical control of the air flow direction? and if so where the bloody hell is it located and how do I get at it? The noise is driving me scatty!!

I’ve got the same thing, at first I thought it was the RCA connectors on the back of my stereo… I’ve taped them up but it’s still there. It could be something on the back tho’

I’ve avoided this by just giving it some welly

At least you don�t have a M10 nyloc nut rolling from side to side in the dash

The Air con controls are vacuum operated, the solenoids are located on the chassis just behind the brake/clutch reservoir and yes, one the solenoids has an open end with no vacuum pipe attached, the main vacuum reservoir is located at the back of the car behind the aluminium panel on the RHS of the boot as you look from the rear of the car.
The rubber pipe work connects to the throttle bodies and FPR.

Check the pipe work has not split and leaking vacuum, you should be able to adjust and hear the interior flaps moving a few times with just the ignition switched until the reservoir is exhausted. If nothing happens to the flaps then you have a leak somewhere.

Access to the dash is a PITA, remove the stack unit and prise the covers off making sure the clips do not spring off or break.


Guys, Thanks for the advice, I will check everything out but I think I will draw the line at stripping dash, sounds like a mare of a job, think I will just give it the berries like advised If I find anything out I will let you know.