Collecting the car tomorrow :mrgreen:

I’m going to do something of a Esprit restoration (great build thread George :thumbup: ) although I’m going to keep the car as stock as possible…but with a few exceptions PRRT stuff like that. With regards the Koni Dampers, I gather they can’t be rebuilt, so what are my alternatives bearing in mind I’d like it kept as stock as possible?

I know should do a search but what fun would that be!

Keep the standard shocks in a box, fit a set of street series???

^^ this.

Welcome to the S1 section Jonny, this is so cool :sunglasses:

Yay :smiley:

Any other ideas fellas?

Depends on budget and what you want to achieve…
S2 Billys (about same as NSS but non adjustable)
Didn’t lotus offer a Billy kit for the S1??
NTR Nitrons

Did you finally realise that you were never able to get the fatty s2 down to our weight?..once jonny sticks his s1 on the scales I can see a for sale thread popping up for the s2 haha

My s1 was weighed in at 735kg at the last mot.

Lss dampers are ok but squeak (yip). Change them.
Efi ecu means it stinks, does not pull from low rpm send does not idle. Verniers and Emerald.
If you track it, more robust toe links.

Leave everything else alone, it is just right.

I’ll sell you the lss off my 340r then you can have a spare set.

Or man up and put some 46mm ohlins on it.

Cheers Chris I’ll have them mate. I want this car to be totally restored back to the way it was when it left the showroom fellas, unless for any reason it’ll decrease the value.

yeah smart money is in making it concours spec

Not sure about that. I thought they were, but cost loads to do, for old tech. Try your friendly damper man in Alton.

Cheers John

Drive with the yips for a while and you will change them.
When the fumes get too much you will fit a better ecu.

I totally respect your plan Jonny and you have your other car to go mental on mods and to be the track weapon.

A completely standard S1 as a special road car,…well driving it will always feel like an event, which I guess is what its all about.

Ben you actually get it!!! It wont go on track, it won’t go miles and miles it’ll just be fun and as completely stock an investment. I’m having Stephen do the engine rebuild which he’ll honour a warranty and the other jobs I’ll team up with some MLOCers and John S and do the rest. Lol winthattt I heard the yips on the way home today, it did bring a smile to my face. There can’t be that many stock examples of the S1 left here or abroad and I figure most if not all may benefit from an engine rebuild. Making it as good as new, well that’s just a bit of elbow grease and money that will mostly likely be returned.

But they are so good on the track…better than a NA Exige! You will see the light.

Jonny - well done :sunglasses:

As mentioned when we spoke the other day, please, please, use it as your “everyday” car for 2 or 3 weeks come rain or shine before you start the restoration.


Cheers Dad but fellas fundamentally and purely on the grounds as an investment is a stock S1 in mint condition going to be worth more than a S1 with different dampers and ECU?

My S2 NA only weighs more 30kg’s than this S1. A little more tinker and it’ll weigh less :laughing:

Bollox to “investment” - just use & really enjoy the friggin thing. OEM dampers are now 12-13 years old so will need replacing now/shortly. OEM Ecu is awful & does the K Series engine no favours whatsover. Fit verniers & Emerald & stop messing about.

However, drive it everyday for a few weeks before you touch anything!!!

Coin-cours! My arse!
Never mind the investment value.
Now you’ve got one you’ll never want to sell.
Pesky’s dead right, use it. I never planned to take mine on track but it is such fun. I hoped never to take it out on a rainy day Or in winter on salty roads but where’s the fun in looking at it sitting in a garage?
I used mine the other day in the absence of any other car and it was a delight.
I’m so chuffed for you Jonny.