Dampers/springs - Thoughts

I’m looking to upgrade my dampers/springs over the winter. I’d like to get your thoughts on the various products that are on the market.

My car is in the States so it only sees track time. I will be running A048’s (possibly Yoko slicks). I also have the Motorsport brake package and all related suspension upgrades.

Let the discussion begin!

Although the standard track-only setup is the Dynamic shocks, the Nitrons have an excellent reputation on this side.
But that id road/track and they’re only preload and one sdjusting knob that moves rebound mainly and (at a lesser degree) compression damping.
Niron is developing a 2 way adjustable damper.
I will get this one when it comes out (need to find some money first)



Geary at eliseparts indicated he could have 2-way adjustable dampers built for 1695gbp. FYI

Hello, i’m an Italian enthusiast Exige owner, sorry for my bad english.

What kind of springs do you suggest for an uprated kit of shock absorbers, for race/track use only?

I have a good italian kit, one way adjustable extension only, but I must choose stiffer springs.

Can you help me?



See Uldis’s post & link to Nitron.

Also see Eliseparts

Hello Mr Pesky, thanks for your reply.
I have seen link to Nitron, but I don’t find nothing about rate spring in this site.

And in Eliseparts they talk only:

A full choice of springs are available from 150 LBS increasing in 20LB increments to 500LBS.(Most people use between 200 Lbs and 400 Lbs).

Do you know differences from front to rear, for example?

For race/track use only i woul stay in something like 475 front and 550 rear. But Simon can tell u more…

Thanks Nicolas…

So stiff!!!

What kind of shocks have you?

I waiting for Simon.

U can e-mail me sexige.
I live probably not far away…i live in Ticino.



when you say your dampers are one-way adjustable: extension only, what do you mean?
spring preload?
compression damping?
Rebound damping?

Because this will affect the spring rates you can choose. If you change spring rates you need separate compression and rebaound damping, unless you send the shocks to be revalved.
Or you buy dampers as well as a whole package.

Se ti � pi� facile, puoi rispondere anche in Ialiano.


What he probably means is that the single way adjustment is rebound only (like most one way dampers are).

As for chosing spring rates, this really does depend on several factors including how you drive.

for a road only car at std ish weights, then probably 350/425 is about as stiff as you want to go, but don’t expect to ‘slam’ the car down to 100mm ride hights with these.

track wise, the sky’s the limit, but 400/500 is a good starting point.

In all this, yo need to get the relationship between ride hight, damper lenghts, and spring rates to match, just because a damper works well at one spring rate/hight, does not mean it will work well at another.

Molto pi� facile in Italiano…

I miei ammortizzatori sono “professionali”, regolabili nella fase di estensione, (credo rebound) come ad es. i JRZ delle Elise trofeo, mentre hanno taratura fissa in compressione.

St� andando con molle da 55 kg sull’ant, e 65 kg al post, come assetto va bene ma la macchina ha troppo rollio.

Per questo mi chiedevo se qualcuno avesse avuto esperienze con molle diverse, pur sapendo che la taratura dell’ammortizzatore gioca un ruolo importante nella scelta della molla.

Posso anche regolare l’altezza da terra.

Grazie a tutti.


exactly the kind of information we were looking for. Thanks.


vedi la risposta di Simon sopra (sembra che � stato parte del team che ha disegnato la Elise, deve contare per qualcosa).
Da quello che mi dici non hai l’ottimo per uso in pista. Il tuo asetto � piuttosto stradale.
Attenzione che nella conversione da “lbs” a “Kg” forse sbagliamo qualcosa, “lbs” si misura per “inch” di movimento, e “Kg” supongo che per “cm”.
Comunque la esatta conversione la puoi fare dopo sicuramente.

Quello che mi preocupa � la regolazione solo in freno idraulico estensione. Se cambi molle, hai bisogno di regolare il freno idraulico anche in compressione. E anche con le stesse molle dipendendo della pista.
Ti consiglio vedere il link di Nitron, vedi i NTR race 2 way.
Sono quelle che comprer� io

In somma, se vuoi cambiare molle con quelli ammortizzatori dovrai rivolgerti
al fabbricante, per cambiare l’interni. Ogni volta.
Meglio cambia ammortizzatori.


That’s right Simon, rebound only, shocks are wery big, I think that is better.

I have a good drive, but I don’t want a set up only for dry track, I think about a good compromise.

I’m agree whit your last point, and now I have a point to start.

Thanks a lot.

I think that also the springs can change the compression, and the shocks working in rebound, for a “normal” track use maybe it’s enough…

Unfortunately the manufacturer doesn’t work, now.