Daily Use and Insurance

Gents, I’m considering buying an Exige to replace my Clio 172 as a daily driver. I do about 24k a year and I’ll be looking for a relatively high mileage S1. Can you give me the collective view on this thinking and also give me some idea of the insuarnce costs for an unlimited mileage policy on a 40yr old living in a suburban area with no claims in tact? As well as daily duties I’ll trackday and possbily sprint/hillclimb the car. Whats the highest mileage / most regular use of these cars you guys have seen?
Any thoughts input gratefully recieved. Also if anyone can compare the Exige either to the Clio 172 or a 964RS I’d appreciate that perspective also?
Many thanks

I think a couple of the guys use theirs as daily drivers but not sure anyone does 24k a year. I truly love my Exige but having a LupoGTi for everyday works well for me. I would imagine insurance for under �1000 should be possible but finding one that also includes track cover will be harder. A lot of us (including me) use Lotus Esteem and they would be worth a call to get a quote.

Hard to compare the Exige to other cars - take a test drive and see for yourself. Make sure the test drive includes some twisty bits, the Exige is not about straight line speed or the traffic light GP. Having just got out of the Exige from driving the length of the M40, nobody could describe it as an accomplished long-distance cruiser!! I actually find it very comfortable but it is too loud, hard and impractical to feel at home doing this. If it was not dark and icy I would have skipped the m’way and taken some oxfordshire backroads - it is that kinda car.

I really am a believer in a two car strategy. The Exige is a keeper for me and next year I will change the Lupo for something rwd. Cannot recommend the Exige enough but do it with your eyes open and if possible resign yourself to a shitbox daily driver knowing that the Exige is waiting on the drive for the next trackday or weekend blast Hope that you sort it out and we get to see you out on track (where the Exige belongs) next year.

I agree with Ben (Puma being my hack)…to a point.

Esteem, yep, my no mile limit classic policy, under a grand (30-something in Hants, full no claims).

On the everyday thing, Rox will be along in a moment to tell you that it’s very special driving a racecar (which it is) everyday and he loves it. Personally I quite enjoy a long run in the Exige. A 4hr straight, Friday evening, trip back from Anglesey (post trackday) is a real thrill. Ear plugs in, stereo up loud, crusing in the middle lane as the odd thing blasts past thinking ‘I can have you…I can have you…’

GET TO THE FOR SALE SECTION NOW! There is a high-mileage loving cared for Exige there for �17.5k!!! Happy Christmas!


ps. Ben, very wise on the M40 route. In this weather Yokos are plastic!

thanks guys…and if I had the room I’d keep the clio and the RS but it looks like thats the only way. I noticed the �17.5k but also saw one for with lower miles, 2k more with a 12 month p&l warranty in the autotrader?..but I am smitten…especially after top gears Atom feature this evening…so little weight…I guess Exige are something similar…but they look the mutz!
many thanks

I really fancy a Atom after that too, but it’s pants at a trackday when it rains! Also, their suspension is a bit suspect and they regularly get hauled in by Exiges (although perhaps less so with that 300bhp one! ). Nobles tend to get similar treatment from an Exige!

You really have choosen a very special car!

The �17.5k one has Nitron on too. That’s worth another grand or so, as it’s much better suspension and is adjustable.


a) can you recommend anyone for inspections…in the 911 world there are a bunch of guys/independants who will do knowledgeable inspections as opposed to your run of the mill AA/RAC
b) is there a good track day scene…e.g. the PCGB does its own trackdays and the registers (964RS/GT3) are really active in booking there own days/evenings?

plus the $54000…all things being equal which would you choose…S1 or S2…when I started out I was set on an S1 because they look sublime…now I’m not so sure primarily because of the additional top end on the S2 BUT am I right in thinks that the S2 has ABS…hmm not switchable I guess?

once again many thanks

Jimbers, welcome.

Tracdays, well many of us go to the Bookatrack ones, but there are many others. Keep an eye on the trackdas sections.

S1 or S2? hmmmm, the S2 is better built (it should, it’s newer), has electric windows as an option and an aircon that works. Also a Toyota lump that should prove very reliable.
It also reportedly handles very well, but is heavier.
Most of us have upgraded the engine in some way or another, and there are very few 177BHP running around now,and as oon as there is any problem like the Head Gasket, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some engine work.
I would say that the S1 with 177 and the S2 with 190 are pretty closely matched, becasue the S1 is lighter.

It all depends what you want really.

Have you driven both?


Whereabouts do you live? There are knowledgable Exigers throughout the UK, & who are regulars here - they would be happy to assist you in your purchase (but, not financially )


welcome along…

i agree mostly what everyone else says above. I have used my S1 everyday for 3 years+ now but only do a 22mile return trip to work and clock up around 10k miles a year so 24k miles would be a lot of miles to do in an exige every year. However, I (and Uldis) have regularly done 6-8 hour trips in our S1’s all you need to do is put some earplugs in and the joy of driving an exige takes care of the rest.

If you are going to do that kinda high mileage, much as i hate to say it , I reckon the S2 will be your best bet… its far more refined and will undoubtedly be lower mileage to start with.

As far as the comparison thing goes… mmmm exige vs 172 clio – totally different animals so comparsons are moot… but the main thing is ones a fwd hatch, although v accomplished its still a relative understeer junkie and the others a mini rwd mid-engine racecar that will kick yer ar53 if you get outside yer capability… in saying that tho’ it has v v much more grip than a clio and is v easy to drive quickly.

As far as comaring with 964RS… mmm well again not a fair do but the 964 will be a closer experience than the clio as it will happily punish for over exuberance (i never drove an RS but i have driven 964 carrera and turbo and i’d imagine the RS is similar(ish) )

On the Trackday front - i have attended Porsche Club track days and a well driven exige will frighten all of them, most people who attend these days only track their cars at Porsche events and thus only track their cars once or twice a year… better off doing BaT events etc… the driving standards are moocho better… nearly all TDO events will have lots of elises and some exiges in attendance.

exiges.com try to arrange 2(ish) track days a year but last year the suvvern softies crapped out… and we didn’t get anything together… but they are excellent fun… some cool foto oppertunities as well with around a dozen exiges in one place… and all those women chasin RL and robbo and mike lane etc around at the curry eve…

Happy NEw Year when it comes…

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Who needs friends with MEMORIES of MAMMARIES who have forgotten wifes can read…

My only excuse is that I had lost my voice so was unable to say no !!!

My brother tried to use his first Elise as a daily driver and had all kinds of problems. None more so than daily wear and tear. I use a Peugeot 106 Rallye as an everyday hack. Great fun and easy to run and insure. I always thought that using a car such as a Lotus, everyday, might take some of the magic away. When I bought my first Elise, I bought a �250 205 1.1 heap. Everytime I got in the Lotus after driving that p.o.s it was like my birthday!


Agree with Ed. on that one, I love my Xantia Deisel for comfort and ease but then getting back into the Exige is like the first time over and over again! So nice and keeps it “special”…

Also when it brakes then you have something else to drive about while your fixing it / it’s being fixed

And finally agree with Ed, just the daily wear and tear will all add up! If you plan on doing lots of track days then this wear and tear will end up meaning a lot more on track.

If it’s 100% road car then I can’t see the wear and tear being too bad but remember the engine will not like short journeys at all!

I love my Xantia Deisel

5 words I never thought I’d see together!


I love my Xantia Deisel

5 words I never thought I’d see together!


Me neither!!!

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Time for me to strighten out and stop talking nonsense

and all those women chasin RL and robbo and mike lane etc around at the curry eve…

Me…Im sure I wasnt involved …Honest

All I can remember was some old ladies had got lost on the way to the bingo and stopped off at the curry house!

And then they kept following us

and all those women chasin RL and robbo and mike lane etc around at the curry eve…

Me…Im sure I wasnt involved …Honest

All I can remember was some old ladies had got lost on the way to the bingo and stopped off at the curry house!

Missed this… I don’t think I made the curry did I??? At Oulton Park right? Wasn’t me tho’! I’m sure I rememeber being stalked by women

No Mark, I don’t believe you were there.

It was a sad indictment of what the average Exige driver is able to attract! We spend too long playing with our cars.

You also missed the ballon car racing.


Ah my memory is just failing other area then

Well I look forward to seeing you all at croft

So I finally did it, and pickup an 06 55 2k Black S2, Stage 2, Removable Wheel, Starter Button (why??) next Saturday.

Look Forward to seeing you guys about.

Any advice on Insurers who are “trackday” friendly?