DAB Radio on S2

I know the car doesnt need a stereo, and I will rarely even put it on… but its there, so I want it to work properly… which it doesnt… Its a Blaupunkt Woodstock and the DAB reception is the pits… anyone know of a fix, or is it just the way it is ?

DAB coverage is either great, or plain shite at the mo.

Lobby your local network provider


Lots of people with the Woodstock have had problems with it in the Exige / 111R.

I have the lower ‘Lussene’ model and its fine.

This probably won’t help much but remember seeing on a forum that there is a problem with the aerial. If I remember correctly a new aerial or booster helps loads.

Mine works fine when i’m in an area with a signal. Which doesn’t include home in sunny cumbria unfortunately.


I pressed a button on mine and it came up “Recording”… What the F*** was that about.