Da Edwards Diffuser

I’ve just found this photo, showing said article on Jedi’s racecar,
which is of course Gav’s car from last season. Doesn’t that diffuser look just great?



what’s that bird doing stopping the man getting some serious action ?

Cool Pic - now my screensaver!

You can see it’s one of the newer diffusers with the boys initials stamped in the side.

Slightly over engineered belt buckle I feel.

Rox, that’s some choice on the type of action to do next!


There’s a diffuser on the car ? I couldn’t see it …

Erm… what car?

How much are the diffusers please and how do I get in contact with the Edwards Boys?


car… diffuser… I know i’d like to diffuse in her

car… diffuser… I know i’d like to diffuse in her

Mark - was she standing by the side of that roundabout then? - it would explain a lot!!

…and you can almost see the box section underneath.


Oh my!!!

I feel another caption competition coming on…

…and why is that guy in the shorts touching up the guy in the red overalls?