Da Edwards Boyz - wikkid!

Martin & Steve Edwards - what a pair of stars

Great company over a Friday night curry on their trip Oop North to fit Russ’s & mine front splitters & front brake cooling ducting. Extra bonus was fitting MutsNuts rotors to mine car, & MutsNuts rotors to the front of Russ’s after switching his Eliseparts fronts to the rear

Just hope that they didn’t think the two “work experience” helpers were getting under their feet too much

They also “seemed” to enjoy riding in the Gay Lardy, & Steve had some fun "bedding in " the brakes on Russ’s Honda Exige - can’t understand why they were smoking when he arrived back though


What size Nuts did you go for?

The slightly larger ones with the spacer to move the calipers out?


ps. Cue mike lane comment!
pps. I knew they were tops chaps already!


Always a pleasure never a chore Very surprising that we got the job done at all after a good dousing of lager and curry on the friday nite

Whats the next excuse for a car & curry weekend!

Cheers Martin & Steve.

Ian, I always have a preference for large ones, so I went for the 295mm’s. Have not tried them out yet, but Dad has. As per usual, the next track session will tell as the brakes cannot be brought to a high enough temp on the roads around here.