CV Joints


Can anyone help with sourcing replacement CV joints. Both Lotus and Eliseparts only provide them pre-fitted to a drive shaft. I have some new higher-strength/lower weight drive shafts and therefore only need the CV’s. On the near-side I have been able to retain the existing CV’s which I have fitted to the new shaft. The off-side CV’s however, need replacement. I presume that they are standard Rover items but the local Rover dealership were unable to help without me specifying a (rover or MG) model, and did not have the items in stock in order to get a visual comparison.

The outboard CV, which I understand is described as a 6-Ball Birfield joint (??) has GKN and some numbering enscribed on it, whilst the inboard is a plunging tripod joint without any markings at all. Of course I can contact GKN but that’ll only help with the outboard CV and also, I’d rather source locally. Can anyone confirm either way whether these are Rover/MG items and if so which model/year - I believe the 220/420/620ti/820 all used the PG1 gearbox, or are they Lotus specific.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, the car is a 2000 Lotus Motorsport Elise, Scholar Evo 250bhp engine (based on K-series), Quaife 6-spd sequential (based on PG1) but for all intents and purposes the drive shafts/CV are as per standard Elise.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve never had to buy any but I’ve definately noticed them at one point in the catalogue from they are also GKN (1" diameter 22 spline tripode journal if I remember correctly from the hard copy!).

Hope this helps.

Thanks Azrael, the link looks promising - I’ve used these guys before and they we’re helpful but I really hadn’t considered them for this sort of thing. I’ll let you know how I get on. Ta.

I bought some outer CVs from Eliseparts (they’re MGF), so I don’t understand why you say they are only sold with driveshafts. The nearside one has an “ABS ring” which works the Stack speedo.

Try Reco-Prop , they are a big GKN stockist.


Spoilt for choice now :slight_smile: thanks. Sorry, I stand corrected with Eliseparts - it seems that they’ll supply the outer CV seperately, but the inboard is with shaft only. I’ll wait 'til I speak to the others though - the specialists may be able to help with stronger variants. Thanks again.

The nearside one has an “ABS ring” which works the Stack speedo.

Correct. Though I use a different Stack system, with speed taken from a sensor fitted to the front left.

Sorry guys if it appears that I have just registered and come in without introducing myself - I have in fact been registered since summer 2003 when I had a red exige. I had forgotten my login details and had to re-register (or I was deregistered for inactivity - does this happen?).

Now have ex-Gavin Kershaw motorsport Elise - traded my exige and some cash in for it. I was supposed to enter midenginedsportscar but a broken foot and work commitments have meant that I have missed the season so far. The broken drive shaft/CV and also worn dogs on 3rd, 4th and 5th meant that I missed the Brands race - should be ready though for Oulton Park on Oct 8th.

welcome eliotc and good luck with the racing

I guess apart from your current niggles, the car will be a well sorted example then…

Now have ex-Gavin Kershaw motorsport Elise …should be ready though for Oulton Park on Oct 8th.

Cool - look forward to seeing you there Come & introduce yourself to the Vinyl Veronique Racing Team - we’re the “quiet” ones with the “loud coloured” Exige, & rather attractive mascot

Need all the luck I can get - I’m short on track time unfortunately, particularly in the Elise.

I think the car could be competitive though, when it’s sorted. It’s certainly rapid and the sequential g/box is a dream. Shame I’m unlikely to perform as well

Cool - look forward to seeing you there Come & introduce yourself to the Vinyl Veronique Racing Team - we’re the “quiet” ones with the “loud coloured” Exige, & rather attractive mascot [/quote] Vinyl Veronique - I’ll have a quick surf - got to check out the competition

Are you the driver Mr Pesky? how’s the season been?

Hi Eliot, you can find lots of photos of all but one of the races at the website Tap and I run clicky. I look forward to coming to say hello and getting some pics of the car at Oulton. The VVR car is easy to find in the photos, it is the one that looks like the Dynarod Rapid Response Vehicle

Great site, and nice car too; like the colour. And a Honda engine as well!!??

Finally have the drive shafts sorted. Here’s the lowdown - it seems that the inboard CV is only available pre-fitted to a drive shaft (whether it be from Eliseparts, Lotus etc etc). The outer CV is available on it’s own. I tried the likes of Trident Racing Supplies (and other GKN CV specialists) and it seems that these guys can only supply the internals to a CV - I needed both. In the end I bought a new outer CV from Elise parts, and bought the inner (cw with drive shaft) from some MG breakers - cost me �60 rather than the �200 from Lotus. I can therefore confirm that driveshafts, CV’s (inner and outer) are all from an MGF. I also needed a couple of new wheel studs and these too were available from my local Rover dealership. Putting it all back together today. Thanks for the advice guys.