Cutting out

Just got the car back from NW and we’re having problems already. Car just cuts out when slowing for traffic lights etc

Likely causes?

Wheel speed sensor? (which side is it? near side?)
Grumpy from being left alone in a dealership for a week? (if you have a cat you’ll know what I’m talking about )


  1. WD40 all sensors and check secure
  2. Send straight back to dealer
  3. Give it a damn good thrashing round Silverstone and see if it fixes itself
  4. Other


sounds like my symptoms I had recently combined with the 5500rev limit from the ecu.

after bending the contact pins to make sure contact in the o/s wheel speed sensor she was revving up again, but still dying at junctions. A thorough cleaning of the idle control valve sorted this out. Although more recently it does do it occasionly before full operating temps are reached if i don’t let it idle for a minuite or two at startup.

get the wd40 out and give it a clean! this was good advise given to me on a previous thread.

it could be that…

Cheers. Found wheel speed sensor unplugged. Didn’t notice the 5,500 limit until we were driving to Silverstone (only been pootling before). Looks like the sensor was rubbing against the inside of the wheel and is now a little melted. How easy is it to replace, especially the connector the sensor plugs into?

Still sometimes won’t idle after it’s warmed up. I’ll try cleaning the IACV. Is that easiest from underneath the car?


Steve if you need a sensor - I have one going free complete with wiring

Yes please.