Cuts out when coasting

Towards the end of the day at Donington yesterday, during the last sessions when slowing right down, the engine would cut out. The revs would drop back down to zero rather than tickover at 1000rpm. Started okay but I needed to manually keep the engine going by blipping the throttle.It happened again on the way home after I enjoyed a roundabout and came to a stop at traffic lights.Any ideas?Ta, Ian

Sounds like your alternator is about to go phut - either that or you’ve got some hot mapping weirdness.

With my limitied knowledge I thought that, but didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon.Sounds like another item for B&C. So far, leak, creak, ECU, tyres and alterator.Ian [image][/image]

I had the same thing after I had my old Exige upgraded to 190bhp, it turned out to be the idle control valve needed cleaning! Sounds like exactly the same simptoms

Also be aware that on hot days with very hot engines you can suffer from “vapour lock” - fuel vapourising in the lines. Makes it very difficult to start![This message has been edited by Matthew Treagus (edited 31 July 2002).]