Customer Feedback...Good news!

As someone who has criticised Lotus in the past, its time to give some praise.

I don’t recall previously being asked to complete & return a questionnaire having purchased new from Lotus, & didn’t expect much in the way of a response. So it was with some surprise that I recieved a reply to-day, giving full & detailed answers to some additional comments I made.

Without going into all the detail, not only do I get the offer of a goodwill gesture, but also confirmation that some issues raised will be carried onto production line changes. Blimey.

It’s good to know the good folk at Hethel are listening, & care about our views of the product.



As you quite rightly say, “it’s good to listen”, so well done “Lotus”.

Don’t want full details, but what “issues” will they carry into the production lines.

Don’t want full details, but what “issues” will they carry into the production lines.

Just cosmetic stuff…
The grommet on the engine cover of all 111R’s is soon to be no more…so there must have been a few complaints about that one. I don’t know if it will affect digital radio equipped Exige S2’s though.

Also the ‘unfinished’ hole above the No plate of any S2 will now be better finished. Close inspection & feel of said hole would have you believe it was fashioned by Fred Elliot…on a bad day.

I’m impressed just by the personal response I received. Lotus obviously dont want any lost sales to Porsche etc. Not that I would be one of them, of course



What a bloody let down - I really thought that you were going to take all the credit for the wonderful Exige Racer officially announced yesterday


Sorry Pesky, I can officially announce ’ the S2 racer is nowt to do with me’

Got my letter back today, and they definitely read my survey anyway, nice one Lotus.

What’s this hole I hear mentioned, as I had a look in my boot the other day and to my surprice there was a bit of fibreglass I could see through! With a star shape on it, like it was a fault (fibreglass too thin?) that was fixed, is this what you’re talking about?


Nope, the hole in question is the rectangular vent above the no plate…visible from the outside between the reg plate lights.


So is mine a defect that was fixed?


It sounds like yours was a defect thats been fixed. My comment to Lotus was only that the intentional vent hole had a very rough (hairy) finish


PS checked out the web address on your posting & noticed the ‘Exige thong’…surely the tyre print should be on the backside

Ha ha, no skid marks here!!

Hey, I’m not the one with the rough hairy vent hole !!!