Custom Camshafts VW/Audi 1.8T CATCAMS

Custom Camshafts (Intake + Exhaust) for all 1.8T 20v engine (the famous transplant) coming from CATCAMS in Belgium.
I used those camshafts with my 2871 setup. Perfect condition.

Adjustable at the end of each camshaft (where the camchain is)

For sell with an adjustable pulley (timing belt side).


  • Efficacity law: 60% (the maximum to use with the stock springs and hydraulic lifters)
  • Valve opening: 9,8mm
  • Opening angle: 269� at 0,1mm


  • Efficacity law: 60%
  • Valve opening: 11,8mm
  • Opening angle: 265� at 0,1mm

Price: 300� (it costs 700� new)

Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Shipping cost included


250� shipping included to UK.

You could try.

Might be more of a market for them on there.

Good luck

Are these cams still for sale? Dont really know much about the internals of an engine so just checking this, i assume these will fit any 1.8t engine? Mines an amk code and im rebuilding it soon to either 1.9 or 2.0 i assume that will still be ok for these cams? If they are sold any advice on what cams will be best for my engine?


Those cams are still for sale and will be ok for any 1.8T engine.
Send me a PM if you are interested in those cams.


I found some VW beetle parts here and were really awesome.