Current Nick Whale stock

Hi. I’m going to test drive an Exige this week at Nick Whale’s, does anyone know any of the cars they currently have there?

There’s a Chrome Orange (2001 car, no picture), a BD51 plate 192 in black and a Y-reg 192 in gunmetal grey. Just thought I’d ask so I could be armed with info!

Forum has been very useful in my research by the way, thanks to all those posting information! I’m coming from an Integra Type-R so it’s a different world to me.

Don’t know much about the stock but the guys down at Nick Whales were spot on when I bought my car.

I visited a number of dealers including Kings, peter smith etc but Nick Whale were much better value.

Enjoy the test drive and watch the road at the bottom of the Hill before the dealership. Its near the bus garage and always covered in Diesel. So easy does it on the throttle

IIRC the black Exige NW has for sale was in the For Sale section of this BBS about 1 month ago if you look back.

Good luck - nearly bought one from NW myself but bought immac private one at �3k less than dealers were asking…

NW Stock

Thats the url above for their current stock

Well, their prices reflect what I would believe reasonable for Exiges.
The thing is that it’s very strange, there are sometimes Exiges that are going for as low as �20K, and sometimes even like that they find problems selling them.
And our car is awesome!

I mean, on all the trackdays been very seldom any other car overtakes me.
Just yesterday I was at a very wet Knockhill, and at the beginning waas dreading it and slidng all over the place with the A048’s.
But I stayed (as usual) for 1 hr on my first stint, got the hang of it and everybody was being passed.
Weren’t the EVO’s good in the wet? Scoobys? I don’t remember any of those being faster than the Exige on the wet either, even on A048’s!

My point? this car has got to be one of the best cars there are out there, bar none!
So, it’s very strange to see them going one one end at (what I think) are reasonable prices (like NW’s) and on the other end there are bargains that stay unsold.

Dave’s for ex. he shoul dbe selling it at �30K! and yet is still unsold!

Today I tested a TVR 350C. 350BHP, lots of torque, the engine felt wonderful!, and yet at a TVR organized trackday in Croft there was nothing faster than the Exige.
And yet they cost far more!
On the drive back my car felt underpowered but accelerated as fast as the TVR (I know, lighter), it just felt right.

This is all very strange.

In short, our car kiks arse! even to the 4WD turbo Japs in most of the cases and that’s why it hurts when I see them (not) going for a very low figure.

The Exige should be worth �30K forever. Dave’s: �40K.


I’m with you Uldis!

I’m off to do some Ferrari kicking at Silverstone on Wednesday.

It’s just so gratifying!!!


Uldis it is indeed a strange world we live in - I can’t think of one car I would swap mine for - worth? - it’s priceless

Sounds like an Advert.

“Buying an Exige - �22,000
Purchasing Trackday time - �150
Harrasing Ferrari’s on track - Priceless
For everything else, there’s Mastercard”