Cup 260 forged alloys

I have a set of good condition Cup 260 alloys (2010 model year) for sale, currently having tyres removed, and I will be taking them to City Refurbishing in Birmingham on Monday (16th May) to be stripped and powder coated, simply because there is one kerbing mark on one front edge and the insides look tatty from where the wheel balance weights have been stuck on inside and covered with tank tape as extra security.
I plan to get them done in Satin Black, but, just a thought, if anybody wants to snap them up I can get them done in Silver, Anthracite Grey, Gloss Black or Satin Black (or possibly whatever other colour they choose … at extra cost) … included in the price of £1950

Just sent you a PM Hogarth :wink:

Hi Nico, thanks for the interest, but I don’t really have suitable packing/boxes to send the wheels to France and I dread to think what the paperwork would be like these days!

Ohhh Ok,

I understand - just let me know in case the it UAT ion changes.

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Dammit, bought some second hand Sector 111 wheels last month but I’d have had these off you in a shot otherwise!

Hi, PM sent :+1: