Cup 255 induction kit

Just thought I would share the knowledge.
Just come off the phone from Russell @ LMS. Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to find out what exactly they had done to improve the induction on the new car.
Like Bemani LMS are not keen on the foam induction kits out there as they have reduced filtration capabilities so more bits make it in to the SC and then on to the engine - not good. You can get away with them in a N/A car though.
Turns out they have kept the standard box and changed the filter within.
Being that they have only just released the info on the car they have not even thought about any of the parts as after sales upgrades but it sounds like it might give some small gains for low cost and keep your engine safe too

Good to know, thanks. I can see a whole load of up upgrades for my S on the way in spring