Cumbrian owners

Hello,any Cumbrian owners out there?(Apart from me that is).

Hi Tim. Im at Bramapton near Carlisle.Anywhere near?

Hi Steve. Im at Whitehaven,down the coast.I never see any Exiges round here…in fact after 16 months weekly commuting to Plymouth, I only saw 2!!
Have you been to any LRV or Club Lotus trackdays/events?

Hi Tim. I have never seen any other Exiges in this area although there are a couple of Elises around Carlisle. Had mine for just over year but never had time to get on track with it yet. This year I want to get to few trackdays. Have you got any booked or planned. Maybe can meet up. Where do you get yours serviced as mine is due soon.
Steve (07802 737612)

Steve, No trackdays planned yet,I do way too few,partly due to distances involved,& partly due to major weekly miles in company ‘euroblob’.
All annual servicing by LRV Blackburn,no real complaints to date.Formula 1 at N’cstl will be closest for you,i have no experience of them.Anyone else?
Maybe could meet up, 1/2 way house somewhere?

Dad, John O & me sometimes have a run to the Lakes - we could arrange a meet if that is close enough for you?

A meet up sounds fine,RussT.How about you Steve?Any lakes venue would be ok,a Sat or Sun?
Any other takers?

Subject to me being around / work load and the little orange monster being fixed I’d be up for a Lakes meet.

Actually, i’m only about 2-2.5 hours away so could possibly be up for this as well…

An me too - had a top Exige w.e. with NYLOC guys an gals in lakes last year - def up for it…

Sounds good Tim. Lakes would be great meeting place & car doesnt get out garage enough anyway.

Actually, i’m only about 2-2.5 hours away so could possibly be up for this as well…

Looks like a few of you will be travelling from afar so…
What about not too far off the motorway,say Grassmere?(A good pub not far from a decent car park).Road’s not bad either
Would 7th or 8th Feb be ok?


I for one can’t do that weekend or the following one, sorry.

However, the last two weekends in Feb are presently free

Mr Pesky,& interested others,
I’m definitely up for it, the date that suits the most is prob the best
oh, & I cant make the 21st Feb .


i cant do early feb… late feb looks good… maybe…

7th or 8th Feb OK with me.

Steve, 7th or 8th,sat or sun
Or…does anyone else still fancy late Feb/early March
…A prize for anyone who turns up in an S2 (slippers & pipe )

Sunday 8th best for me. Slippers & pipe?? you mean someone who comes in a Merc?

Hi guys sorry I’m a bit late on this one, just moved house (finally) and have had no home pc for ages. I’m now near Pickering so I assume this is close enough to join in…

Peter have they moved Pickering into W Yorks now? - good to see you up an’ about…