Anyone done a trackday at Croft ? There are spare places this Friday, and I fancy a thrash.CheersRT

Love to Rusty but 2 short notice [image][/image]C U SundayKee [image][/image][This message has been edited by Keenan Perrin (edited 10 July 2001).]

You certainly will.So has nobody driven Croft?

quote:Originally posted by RussT:You certainly will.So has nobody driven Croft?Hitch has been around Croft, but not seen him active on the internet for a while now. Domain Details Page

If I remember right, Hitch has sold his Exige hence his disappearance.It’s always good to get a copy of TOCA Touring Cars 2 for the PC or the Playstation… it tends to have most tracks likely to be track-dayed. Such as Croft, Donington, Snetterton, Thruxton… well pretty much all of them

quote:It’s always good to get a copy of TOCA Touring Cars 2…David, I’ve often wondered about this. In your experience how much real world benefit would you say you could get from learning a track on a PS before venturing out onto it for real? Is it just a rough idea of which way the corners line up, or can you get more out of it than that?

Personally, I found it invaluable.Sure, real life is nothing like the game, but once I’d played TOCA2 at Donington to death (using the AC Cobra) I found that I could concentrate on how the control the Exige, rather than wondering what the next corner was like.That’s just me though…We did have a small competition back in November, to see who could get the best lap time.Caveat: While I may bluster about my track exploits, I’ve only ever seem to do Donington (to much ribbing from the others)[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 11 July 2001).]

quote:Personally, I found it invaluable.Thanks for the feedback. BTW, did you get my email? I sent it receipted but haven’t had notification that you mail server received it (assuming your server is DSN enabled).

Cheers chapsAm now booked in , so will let you know how I get on.

Top circuit… I’ve driven round Croft in a 340R (aswell as an Exige and Elise S2) whilst it was p*ssing it down. Believe me when I say those 340R tyres are VERY VERY dodgy in the wet! Spun off on the 3rd corner. Still, wasn’t my car so who cares…In the dry I’d imagine it’s an awesome track. The section after the long straight is pretty good fun… The run off area at the top end of the track looks a bit dodgy if you were to get it wrong - there’s a bit of a drop which could do some nasty damage to the underneath of your Exige…Have fun, hopefully it won’t be peeing it down…T

quote:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Personally, I found it invaluable.One other useful source is Autsports Circuit Yearbook I have the 97 Edition but it was being updated each year. Writen by Dave Walton(7 Racer), it gives a landmark by landmark drawings and narrative on each corner with overall circuit and corner by corner fast tips for every circuit in the UK.I have not seen it advertised recently, perhaps I could get Autosport to sponser me re-wrining it in an Exige!!!

Just got back from Croft - Superb circuit. Pee’d down in the morning, the Imprezas went past like I was stood still. In the afternoon it was a different story - dry track and bye bye Richard Burns wannabe. [image][/image]Amongst the interesting cars there were Fireblade engined Caterfields, spaceframe chassis V6 Mondeo (v. fast), P1 Impreza (fast) and a couple of Porsche racers (poo).Interesting circuit with some technical bits which I never seemed to be able to do the same twice, but a good day out (if a bit expensive at �170). Anyhoo, who’s up for Anglesey, 17 August?

quote:Originally posted by RussT:Anyhoo, who’s up for Anglesey, 17 August?Everyone should try Anglesey at least once, only a short track, but one that is initally easy to get around, but also one that you never feel you will master.