Croft Video

As promised, here is my video of the day. Hope it captures the flavour of the day and I hope you like it.

It is 10meg, so one for the broadband owners only!

well fine piece of work Supertouring…

your car dusnae half look high up tho’…

Excellent stuff !!!

Thanks a lot Supertouring

Ditto - great song as well.

Funny starting clip with the text: “Subaru Impreza STI plus a few Lotus Exige”… hehe… nice

Nice video - what equipment do you use, especially like the wide angle rear view.

Very cool matey, and my car is on there loads!!!


Very cool matey, and my car is on there loads!!!


Yeah the title is a little misleading nice ending though - and great camera work !

Trying to decide if it was me in between the MX5’s as it was a familiar position

Nice video - what equipment do you use, especially like the wide angle rear view.


Copied from a post (another forum) by Supertouring:

"I have a Sony DVD Handcam, which is used for the incar footage, with a large suction mount. Recording time only 20 mins per disk though, which is enough for one, maybe two, sessions on track.

On the outside I use a small bulletcam (which I found out today is a 120 degree wideangle jobby) for which I have a small suction mount. It runs off 8AA battery pack and I have an external mic for sound which is also powered by the battery back"

How many orange ones were there on the day? It looks like there were quite a few but I think they just stand out.

Biggest disapointments was the lack of sound (still not got that working properly) as they make a great noise. I also had a full lap close behind one car which spat flames every gear change down the straight, but the disk buggered in the camera and I lost it.

As per Pesky, setup is DVD camera incar and bullet cam on the outside. May go for a two camera setup on the next one, I have seen a switchable setup that allows you to flick between the two cameras from the drivers seat. Should be interesting.

Excellent Vid

Sorry, but I am experiencing bandwidth problems with my ISP so I have had to take the video down. If anyone has missed out then let me know and I will see if I can get a copy to you by other means.

I missed it

Anyone able to send it via msn or similar ?

Hi SuperTouring.

Any chance of e-mailing me a copy. I remember you saying that you were following us for a while and we were spitting flames out the exhaust. ([email protected])

Cheers Steve.

Missed it. Can you please email me too
[email protected]

I took quite a bit of footage from the pit wall but only in the wet as I had to go early. I have just whacked it on the pc and need to edit my pants camera work b4 finding somewhere to post it without b/wide restrictions




I missed it I’m afraid. Could you email a copy to [email protected]

Many thanks


Guys, it may be worth looking into a bittorrent for these vids, thent he bandwidth load is shared by us all

If there’s interest I’ll look into setting up my server at home as a host for the torrent file… But won’t be for a couple of days.

Or ask David to host it on here?