Croft this Sunday

Anyone here going to Croft this Sunday 18th? Will be my first visit there. Lookin’ forward to it


I’m having a drive up to watch - still not allowed to take either one on track yet

I am working on her…

Not allowed Come and say hello anyway. Both myself and Jamie (red S2) will be down from Edinburgh.

Mark (L3 EXG)

Tried to book today but it’s full. If anyone hears of any cancellations please can you let me know? Pretty please?

Will do -

and she just wont let me. Nowt to do with my safety just worried about me smashing one up and being totally impossible to live with afterwards!!!

I have just booked for tomorrow for croft with bookatrack and they have places

At Anglesey matey, only done Croft once, last year. I thought it was a brilliant circuit in particular the Esses (very fast), you’ll have a ball.