CROFT - Taxi details for the meal

United Taxis (01325 282855, so I’m not the only one with the number) are providing the transport from the Blackwell Grange to Soho restaurant.

They’re sending a 14 seater and an 8 seater at 20:15, and the 14 seater will do a second trip. This equals 36 and the hotel says there are about 40 of us, assuming a few will be late (eg Uldis) hopefully we’re about covered, but they’ll sort us out if not.

If they’re full, the cost of the minibus is a pound per head per trip. So if you get in on your own for the final trip negotiate or make sure you get bought a few drinks!

Coming back, they’re booked for 22:30. I have checked, and the bar at the Blackwell Grange doesn’t really have a closing time for guests.

PLEASE try and keep one pocket with at least 10 quid in loose cash - a fiver and coins - to cover the taxi and food.


As long as its YOUR pocket… Tee Heee

Fair play Ian , you are an organisational super maestro!!!