Croft T-Shirts?

I had loads of work to do tonight so I thought I would waste some time in photoshop instead and came up with this as an idea for a print on T-Shirts for those attending Croft. You could even have yer name on the back if you like (I certainly could only put faces to about half a dozen names). Don’t know if it is a bit cheesy but I reckon we could get 30 long sleeved T-Shirts printed up for about �20 a pop. I’m no graphic artist so if someone is more skilled and wants to come up with something better I would not be offended. Waddya think?


Long sleeved, good call.

I’m in. What colours?


I guess you could have any colour shirt/print you like. I am guessing costs would be less if we keep it the same. If people are interested I will get some proper costs.

BTW Andy that is your car at Bedford when we were there last year

Good work Benja !

Well naturally I’d go for dark grey (aka gunmetal) with black graphics, perhaps with IDG on the back.

Not being an expert or anything, but I wouldn’t have thought colour changes would push the price up.


BTW Andy that is your car at Bedford when we were there last year

Thought I recognised it

I’m in for this - XXL and not fussed about the colour

sounds good to me

but they should definitely be BLACK cos that is the best colour !!!

Just had a quick scout round on the internet places and have found a place that does good quality white long sleeved T’s which would be about �17 and would look something like below - wiv yer name on the back . I will get one printed up and if it looks ok I will get them done for those that want them.


Shoot me down in flames, but how about putting that on the back, and your username on the front (offset)

Think Pesky did some a few years ago like that, very effective.

Yeah probably a good idea, that way you will easily be able to identify me because I will have the only shirt that will be the other way around (coz I will have the sample I just ordered),…could always wear it back to front I suppose

I would prefer logo on back and name offset on front, if so put me down for one.


Put me down for one. I also reckon it would look great with the logo on the back and your name on the front right maybe with the logo over the top of your name or something???


I figure some of you guys are going for black T-shirts, and Brian Drought was kind enough to process this graphic…

Anyone want to try to add the script to it ?

Would the image come out OK ?

Here’s how the front would look (imagine it on a black shirt)





Here are the graphic files you will need if you want to have a play around:




Sign me up too…I defently want one… … I guess I need Large or XL… depends


Your real name is Johannes, or had you forgotten?

Put me down for a T Shirt (large!).

Good work Benja/Mr Admin/Brian

PS Do I have to grow bigger titties like those in the piccies?

I will have a play around tonight and come up with something that takes into account peoples comments. Graphic on the back and name, logo and exiges script offset on the front.

I’ll find somewhere that has some more colour choices.