Croft T-Shirt Sizes

Okey dokey, so what size, colour and style would you “PREFER” your croft tshirt

I think the best way other than size will have to be a majority vote

Oh, and the poll closes at 11pm on the 15th April to give us enough time to get them ordered and printed


I think Long sleeves are a good idea as trackday organiser often require arms to be covered.


Absolutely Ian!

But thought I’d at least be polite and check

It depends what chest size a Large or XL is…

Also… when I checked a sweatshirt/polo-shirt wasn’t much more expensive than a flimsy T-shirt…

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[color:“blue”]Right - in with both feet, & desperately hoping not to offend anyone

Too many choices, make a final decision difficult, & we could end up with a mess. It will probably also be a nightmare for the T shirt printer to have so many variables - colour, sleeves, names, with the chance of a cock up & someone being dissappointed!

I think that Brian’s modified Benja design is best - it’s simple, smart & does the job very nicely.

Whoever is going to organise the T shirts should make a decision & be allowed to get on with it - with I’m sure the total & full support of all of us.

So, Benja & Mark get your heads together & tell the rest of us what you decide [/color]