Croft - Please Book Now with TDO

Hi Peeps

Firstly, many thanks for the magnificent response - 22 so far (including the 3 EVO Jornos).

Looks like we could have the biggest ever (apart from at the factory!) gathering of our fabulous cars

Please confirm your bookings asap, & insert “” in the space for “Company” on the booking form on:

Tracksport Web Page

All booked up . Many thanks for the organisational skills Pesky .


I just Booked this i hope… however, small problematiko…

the Web site is pretty basic and there is not much in the way of checking your basket or checking what you have in your account… they perhaps need a few lessons here from other TDO’s ?

Anyway, I have attempted to pay by PAYPAL and have completed the transaction… but it went thru’ in US dollars - no way i could find to change it to UK Sterling… upshot is i think i only paid �90.17p but as mentioned above, i can’t check my account with TrackSport to see what the score is…

Can you call him and make sure I get a place… i can sort out the balance of payment if they contact me by email or summat…

Soory for hassle…

Booked !

roll on 28th April 2005

Booked - nice, smooth and seamless bit of organising there Rob

Booked !! Great organisation Rob - All we need to do now is organise the overnight stay heh

Booking done!

The only srtrange thing is that it’s 165 and it doesn’t say it’s � (I assume) but it doesn’t say $ either.
Now, staying 2 nights where?

D O N E !

All Booked.
Would like to arrange somewhere to stay also, at least for the night before the trackday.

Done Nice one for organising it Pesky,…good job.

booked now. need somewhere to stay the night before aswel. do you have to pay for passengres the same way/time cos i forgot to add the �10 passenger charge

Just Booked


If you have any issues about payments, please speak with Tracey @ Tracksport on 01270 666500.


If you have any issues about payments, please speak with Tracey @ Tracksport on 01270 666500.

Booked with Tracksport for the 28th and staying at, 27th. Telephone 01325 721075.

Booked… accomadation next on the shopping list …



Thats me booked, I think thats the full Scottish contingent booked now.


very very Dave… about time you made a trip sarf wiv uz methinks… just need Ally to book – even tho’ he’s an interloper now… but we still love him… even with all those dodgy cars he owns…

come Ally – book up…

Guys, I’ll be booking up at the end of the month, so please hold me a space! Fecking tax bill and xmas wiped me out in a big big big way

Anyone want to put me up in Monte Carlo?