CROFT - Parking at the Blackwell Grange

They’ve asked/suggested we park in the large car park adjoining the Leisure centre (available free to us, last swim 21:30), this gets locked at night.

Previous gatherings have involved blocking each other in, sometimes with trailers, for add security. So if you’re first there pick a big area.


Good idea - I’ll try to bag a good spot with my trailer, as long as that car park is unlocked early enough in the morning for me to get to the track ??

What route are you taking to the M1 Mike and if you are doing M5 to the M6, what time do you reckon you will be hitting the M6. I am trailering as well, so I guess we will be doing roughly the same snails pace. I will be getting on the Motorway at Junction 2 of the M5.



I will be going M5 M42 etc - by far the easiest…
Leaving at around 0815, i.e. now !!

07831 697788 if you want to meet up !!!