Croft July 8 in the sunshine

Went over to Croft at short notice but so glad I did. Had an epic drive from north Lancs across via Ingleton-Hawes on clear roads in brilliant sunshine. On track action looked and sounded wonderful. Plenty of time to catch up with some Exigers. And although I feared jams, school run traffic and doddery old folks in Micras, I got another stunning run back.
One the best driving days in the Exige I’ve had in years.


Can you send that weather down here @thommo

Didn’t last long enough. Sunny at home in Lancs earlier today then rain, rain and more rain. Did I mention it’s also windy?:roll_eyes:

Very lucky with the weather, just one of those Croft days you remember for ages…haven’t processed many pics so here’s the ones I sent to LoT…


Great pictures :+1: looking forward to seeing some more please . Fantastic day and we were so lucky with the gorgeous weather :grin::sun_with_face:

Great pics and some stunning cars👍

What a cracking day it was! Came across this post randomly so decided to sign up :grin:

This was me