Croft - GPL Track

Hi all,

Anyone with a PC and the old but excellent driving simulator Grand Prix Legends, who also happens to be going to Croft, might be interested in knowing that the Croft Circuit is available as a track for GPL. This way you can get in a bit of practice, albeit in a 1967 Lotus, before heading up to the real deal. (In addition to Croft, every other track you could think of is probably available…465 at latest count.)

For anyone not familiar with GPL, it is one of the most realistic driving simulators ever available. It was sold by Sierra in the late 90’s, but never really took off. It is now maintained and tracks updated, cars updated, etc, by a thriving web community.

Croft GPL Track


Turned up, installed, and has hopefully helped me learn the circuit a bit.

Croft is also on TOCA2.



To get a close approximation to your car, run the game in Training mode, and use either the Novice or Advanced trainer.

Also, since it was lost, here is the url for the croft track: Croft and others

There are also great updates to the ring worth getting.


(still bummed out about my tyre…)