Croft - Specials

Hi Peeps,

I’m pleased to announce that, in addition to the splendid “T Shirts” offer being organised by Mark & Ben, we have now got confirmation of the following:

[color:“blue”]Group C Cars [/color]

Randy & Phil Stott Motorsport will be testing 2 or 3 Group C monsters, during the lunchtime.This will be a rare chance to see these cars close up & in action, & a special thanks must go to Tracksport & Croft Circuit personnel who will be giving up their lunch breaks to marshall whilst the cars are out on circuit.

[color:“blue”]Mobile Rolling Road & Redline Motorsport [/color]

Power Action Mobile Rolling Road

We will have our mobile Rolling Road at Croft, offering members of the opportunity to test their cars� power - at a special discounted rate of �30 ‘on the day’, or only �25, if booked in advance [usual price is �40].
A graphic printout of BHP and Torque is produced for each run. Our rolling road is fully insured, and is capable of recording up to 450bhp.
Advance bookings can be made direct with Tracksport [01270 666500], or if you have any questions, please contact me (Nick Gresty) on 04478274966,

Redline Motorsport

We are also pleased to be attending Croft, and would be delighted to deliver pre-ordered parts/clothing/helmets etc. to the venue. We will have a comprehensive display of �Reverie� carbon fibre products, in one of the pit garages.

Please note that members qualify for a 10% discount on goods ordered either beforehand, or on the day.

Andy and Tim at Redline will be happy to discuss individual requirements, accept orders on 01606 737500. (All major credit cards accepted) (On line ordering system under development)

Please note that a copy of Redline Motorsport�s 2005 catalogue will shortly be posted to all those booked on the Croft trackday.

[color:“blue”]Video Recording [/color]

We will have a professional outfit in attendance. The exact format for the day will be dependant upon we want. For example, cameras (in car/external) could be fitted to 4 of our cars at any one time (with changes throughout the day), so it should be possible for everyone’s car to feature on the DVD which will be produced for the day. Unit cost will be dependant upon number take up, but hopefully it will be around �20 to �25 each.

Sounds good !!

great work Pesky !
I’m up for the video - as it means I dont have to take my Super 8 cine camera

Great… … Im up for the video too… Would be great to have my first trackday at video …

It just gets better and better…


I just recieved my wee pack in the post and have been scanning thru the very welcome Redline catalogue looking at all the lovely gadgets and stuff – and wondering what i need

Didn’t know about the video… but if that comes off I will definately be in for a copy of the DVD.

This trip was always going to be good for me — because we didn’t get to play together at all last year… then it was a must attend event due to having so many exiges booked up… but now it is really exceeding all expectations… welll until i see the blooming fashion item that gets delivered that is alright Benja/Remark

Blime! Top effort!

I feel a power plot coming on.


REALLLLLLLLY looking forward to next Thursday now!!!

Sorry if this is a idiots question but what sort of spec are the “group c” cars.

I found this link, is this right ?


Before the BBS memory loss Randy posted he couldnt make it, which judging by the video posted is a damn shame

…is this right ?


[No offence, it that wasn’t humour!]


Before the BBS memory loss Randy posted he couldnt make it, which judging by the video posted is a damn shame

Understatement of the year, but never mind, it’ll give us the chance to get some group shots on the starting grid at lunchtime

Wide angle lens is packed!


Rolling Road is off.

Operator has a broken foot.


Rolling Road ran over it? - shame that would have been really interesting to compare engines/specs