Croft DVD

I had my personal DVD from Croft in the post today…

There is around 25 minutes of me driving round on my Toyos in the early morning, just as the track was drying…

Later in the day I was running on 048s, and I am sure the lap times were a lot lower… (Excuses, excuses… )

The camera work is very good, and the images are clear, even on full screen.

Mike Jones, the producer, is sending out another four individual DVDs tonight, and is talking about having to do a series of compilations because he has so much video available…

He may even turn off the restrictions on copying, so we could swap segments between us !!

Top stuff !!!


I put my hand up for a DVD - but I guess I needed to do something else to actually get it … whats the proceedure Mike ?


Glad you asked that

Anyone who wants a DVD but did complete a request form & pay (!), should contact Mike Jones on 07973 299648

Mike - I’m pleased to hear that the footage is good - I’m waiting for my copy to arrive in the next few days.

Simple really …

Spoke to Mike Jones this afternoon and he was going to post 4 copies out, but those were the ones going to the drivers of the camara cars, and not the end result, just yet…

Got a mail from Mike where he said the Dvd is on the way… yohhhoo … Cant waith to see it… … (I had no camera in my car)…

Anyway… The guy which hold the briefing (dont know his name)… Does anyone got his e-mail adr??? I was suppose to give him my mail adr… so he could get me in touch with a Norwegian car club which where planning to go to Croft later on…??

Oh dear!! Wasn’t aware we had to fill in a request form and pay. When did all that happen, I stuck my hand up for one in the drivers briefing but heard nowt after that

Remember where we had the drivers briefing, and there was a screen just inside the outer door, showing cars going around the track ?? On the table there were some order forms that had to be filled in…

Just give Mike a ring, and everything will be OK !!

Cheers Mike

Got mine today
But won’t be able to see it this weekend, as I’m off to Tut Towers the whole weekend.

That’s what laptops are for !!!

Just got mine through too .

Top stuff

I really like the blue car versus orange car stuff, especially when the camera keeps switching !!

he added that to yours!?

I didn’t get any footage of other peoples cars…

Does anyone know how to edit a .vob file? Adobe Premier doesn’t seem to recognise it. If I can edit it I will post up a lap with some sideways action .

He asked me for my opinion before sending out the remainder…

Most impressive, and I imagine a lot of it will end up on the general release version !!!

I spoke to Mike Jones today and he may well get in touch with those that wanted them and didn;t get round to it via

Nice chap, for a few more quid he’s doing me more footage of my car. The general one should be out shortly.