Credit where credit's due

I know it’s easy to post when things go wrong, but I just had some great service, so thought I’d share.

I purchased some SPA DG200 gauges recently. When it came to (the not insignificant job of) installing them I worked out the cables weren’t going to be long enough. Added to this I discovered it last Wednesday, planning to install them on Saturday.

I rang SPA and offered to buy some more. They said if I returned mine they’d send the new specification ones out free of charge. So they made them to order that day (including much more cable and a couple of additional bits) and when mine arrived on the Friday they shipped the new ones straight away. They arrived Saturday morning and led me to spend most of the day upside down in the footwells (but that’s another story!).

What’s more, this was all carried out by somebody standing in for someone who was on holiday.

The gauges may not have been cheap, but I’ve got both quality product and service.

Well done SPA!


Good stuff

Always had great service from SPA!!!


Always had great service from SPA!!!


me too