Creaking Noise

Fixed the sticking throttle bodies after Donington - nipped out around the block, all seems fine except Exige has developed a creaking noise at very load speeds - coming from underneath car - had a very brief look but can’t see anything binding/catching - anyone else experienced this?

It happened to me and a squirt of WD40 on the ARB bushings helped to solve it.
May be a different situation in your case.

May be a different situation in your case.

Correct - it’s the old chuffer’s bones that are creaking

No Rob those creaking noises are inside the car

Cheers Uldis - seems cured now

Just a quickie, i get the same loud creak but only at low speeds. Question is what is a ‘arb’ bushing. I happily take things apart but i am not to jemmed up on car lingo. Appreciate your advise. Cheers

Question is what is a ‘arb’ bushing.

Anti-roll bar - the bushes are located inboard of the front wheels - one on each side and look like blocks of plastic bolted around the bar and fixing to the tub.

…do you access them via the wheel arch, or through the rad bonnet? …my car is also creaking, but now that I know it’s not just my weight , making the car go I’ll try and sort it out!!

no… access them from below the car after taking the front undertray off (the one with the holes in it that’s fixed to the front splitter)

Thanks for the reply, oh ARB, what a muppet. In that case my noise is coming from the rear. Believe it ir not it is worse when hot. You can push up and down and hear the old girl groan at slow speeds after a run but when cold she is fine, any ideas?

wishbone bushes ?
zorst hangers ?
dampers/springs ?
toe-link balljoints ?

you need a gorgeous assistant to go down for a rummage while you gently push up and down and get the car to groan…