Cracking doors

Hope people had a good easter. Mine was ok until I started polishing.I was wondering if some of you could check the area of the door that runs from the back of the window to the door lock mechanism. I appear to have large cracks running in the fibreglass and at the top of the door it has even split. I think the damage is coming from closing the door and that area hitting the pillars. If you open a window, look down and apply pressure you can see the door bending. I cant say how long it has been there but I am sure it I would of noticed it before as it is on both doors.
Any ideas on what adhesive to use to repair the split areas ?

Hmm, went to check mine and no cracks.
I close the doors very lightly mind you, they don’t rattle and they close with a satisfactory, rubbery “thump”.
There’s no contact fiberglass to fiberglass and I never press down on a door, even on a steel one, because that ruins the hinges.

If I was you I would check the alignment (hinges) and then have it repaired at a fiberglass place (the kind of guys that repair boats). It can be a pretty difficult repair, as it needs to be done from the inside of the door, which means taking all the window mechanism out.


Thanks for the ideas. The door does close firmly, and is alligned ok. When it is shut with the window down you can easily insert a key between the rubber and the door edge so there is distance and it is not tight against the pillar. I can only think that the shock from the closing has stressed the edge of the door that is only a few mms thick.As you look at the side of the door it even shows stress cracks down to the two black screws that hold the door mech in place. I will try to get some picies.


has your car got the little rubber bump stop pillars which are aimed at connecting/arresting the door-shut with the b-pillar above the catchplate?..

I saw an elise at my local dealers being inspected by a lotus engineer a while back… it seemed to be a problem he knew about and seemed to be suggesting to the dealers rep it was caused/exacerbated by these wee pillars…

Mines had already fallen off the drivers side by that time and my passenger door isn’t open much…

I reckon you should report it to your friendly dealer… see what they say…