cracked windscreen!

Bah, just noticed a horibble crack in my screen perhaps caused by some flexing?? anyway ive been quoted 750quid for a repair from lotus??? They say the clam needs to come off? is it just me or does this sound excessive?
Plus, it means my sunstrip has to come off

It’s utter horlicks!

I was quoted that, basically your insurance will cover it for �50 anyway and I’m sure it’s the dealers / independants way to get a load of cash for nout.

Hence to say I’ve had 2 screens replaced and both without removing the clam, it’ll just slide up and out… At most you’d just have to remove the bolt each side at the base of the A pillar so the clam can move forwards a little.

There have numerous incidents of replacement screens, on Elises & Exiges, cracking, shortly after being fitted without the clam at least being unbolted to give some movement.IIRC this happened to the Edwards Boyz with theirs.

hmm, did a bit of detective work. Wait till you hear this!!!
After getting quoted from lotus i phoned a nearby windscreen specialist who asked for the cars reg plate while i waited to be quoted. They then told me that a quote had already been supplied for that car today?? I said, ok how much to supply and fit a new screen? They said �500, and we will come to your premises to carry out the work!!

Lotus were going to charge me an additional �250 for no reason other than to lace their fat pockets

I asked the guy I bought mine from to get the screen replaced b4 I bought it (had a tiny crack at the bottom). I’m sure this was done on the insurance and was not a drama - or 500 quid!!!

Koopa, wake up!

read your insurance papers.
All comprehensive insurance policies I know of have a clause of replacing the glass for 40, 50 or 60 quid. And it won’t affect the claims, just a straight swap of 'screens and that’s it.

Now, get yer gloves on and go whack the Lotus guy that didn’t tell you this. He should know better.

uldis - apparently, because i am insured under a named driver policy through my company i am not covered for a windscreen claim??

uldis - apparently, because i am insured under a named driver policy through my company i am not covered for a windscreen claim??

I was like that a while ago and people said the same, had a number of windscreens replaced during that time, just go to your local RAC autoglass centre and they’ll do it, it’s the same glass as the elise and most will have probably done a few elises, if not exiges.

Yes, I would find it very, very starnge thet you’re really not covered.
Go on, pay the visit as Mark says, I’m sure you’ll pass it through.

My windscreen was changed by RAC under my insurance. However they fitted their ‘own’ brand and not the Lotus approved ‘starglass’ and it was so full of imperfections that it had to be done all over again. The RAC chap was excellent and told me that rather than save cost he would order the correct glass from Lotus and after replacing it he said the quality was so much better and fitted properly.
So my advise is always request them to order the glass from Lotus and not from Everest of whoever!!

So you didn’t want the frosted windows option?

Reminds me of a simpsons quote, where Mr. Burns crashes a plane trying to land in Cuba: “Sorry about the landing chaps, this damn fog is so thick I can bearly see my own cataracts”