Couple of laps of KH

Thought some might enjoy a few laps of KH with a load of the Scottish S2 contingent.
Note the new first corner much faster than before due to the straight been widened.
BTCC will be amazing at KH this year well worth watching

Thanks for sharing. Your car is sounding fantastic.
I hope that cone didn’t cause any damage.

I had seen the cone on the previous lap so was out the way when the blue Exige hit it and the exit cone. His car was ok too.

Did Ed manage to catch me smoking the tyres out of the hairpin? and any chance of emailing the clip if he did.

Glad to see I am pulling away from Ed

Will have a look when I get a chance will prob be the weekend after easter

Where is the finger button when you need it?!?!? the camera was clearly weighing me down.

Yes, no abuse of moderator powers here sonnyjim, cough, not that I would ever stoop that low either cough

and, hmmmmmm, Jamie’s bullet cam must weigh… what? a few ounces? Lovin’ yer excuses

You know what it is dont you, black cars are slower. Plus the the 50kg of camera gear I think you did well to keep up

that bag of tricks weighed a ton!! plus the aircon, touring pack not to mention my passenger!!! You wait kenwood, ill get ya some time soon!

Your mate was lucky there, he almost ran wide on the exit of the corner after hitting the cone…

Must get up and do KH this year and tick it off, looks interesting.

It has so much grip after the re-surfacing great fun