Couldnt help it....buying an s2

Argh!!! i knew id get lured in… i know a guy who works in sales at my local dealership and he made me a very tempting offer for my chrome orange S1. I really would like to be able to track my exige with out having to worry bout things going pop. I also spend a lot of time in traffic so hgf failure being a thing of the past sounds good.

Im going to put my deposit down for a new one tomorrow. Has to have the performance pack and the stage 2 exhaust. Couple of questions for the s2 owners though…

  1. Do they do a stage 3 exhaust?
  2. Best induction kit?
  3. Whats the best colour? (i like old english white or black)

Sounds like you need to get a Honda conversion for your car


i thought bout engine conversions, however… i felt like it would just have been throwing bags of cash at the car, fair enough it would be quicker but it would still be an older car with bits that will go wrong etc and id never get the cash back if i sold it. I can hang on to the s2 and use it daily and not worry bout silly wee things

Buying a new car will burn alot of cash in depreciation too.

I think Honda’d car would fetch a premium over a std. Exige.

But if you’re dead set on it… go for it ! Enjoy

Agree, if you’re doing it for financial reasons then you’ll loose �10,000 on the S2 in a year or two really, and there’s more of them than S1’s so who knows what’ll happen IYSWIM.

S1’s seem to have stabilised around the �20k mark, some higher, some lower… But I’d imagine a Honda’d one would fetch more because of the market they’d sell too… shrug

I’m not talking to you anymore…

dont know about a stage 3…i have a stage 2 on mine which i dont find “loud enough” it gets a cat by/pass at the first service “which i will keep you all posted about”


To answer your questions :-

  1. No.
  2. None many owners report problems with the ECU after fitting an induction kit.
  3. It’s up to you really. Safe colours sell on well, while other (louder ones) may take longer to shift, or go for less money.


at least you’ll be able to take the roof off eh…

  1. Whats the best colour? (i like old english white or black)

I would have thought that was obvious given the number of queries regarding orange cars!


Good choice.

  1. No

  2. ITG

  3. Magnetic Blue.

Stage 2 going on mine next Wednesday!

Was this at all prompted by the inclusion of the S2 in the logo ? I just knew it would cause problems like this just did not want to say anything

Seriously though, you were quite taken by the white car and that is what got you thinking, so take a white one or you will regret another color every time you see a white car that you first liked.

wise words jason!
bwahaha, nah it wasnt to do with the logo, if anything the silver makes it look a bit poo!!

Well done.
It will be good to have someone who has had both cars and can comment on both cars!

  1. As far as I know they only do Stage 1 & 2…(I have the Stage 2)

  2. ITG…Is very good on the car…takes the car a hundred miles to get use to it.

  3. The first white one I see was a second hand one and I didn’t like it…But I see a new one in the showroom the other day and I was quite taken by it and looks better each time I see it!

I met someone with a silver one the other day and it looked better than I thought it would.

The loud colours like the orange are ok if your not using it everyday. I had a yellow S1 and Red S2 Elise and sometimes you feel a bit of a twat driving it!

I got the black one…its cool

Here’s a white one for you!



Ozzer is that the one at Wilsons?

They had a few white ones there when I picked my car up. They seem to like them.

Wilsons = Romford = Services Essex = A love of white cars = The shame that I really like them in OEW

But that one doesn’t look “creamy” enough to be OEW???

Yes Davey. Its up for �28,950 1,800miles. And they have a new one in the showroom.

They were both there when I went 5 weeks ago.

They look more of a pearly white up close.

Jesus! whats going on , the S1 gimp’s getting an S2

I changed the stage 1 for a Quicksilver on my car after two weeks.
Ordered an ITG last week.

You may like something a bit different